2018 Report Card & My 30 day Challenge to wake up @ 5:00 am.

2018 is coming towards it’s grand finale and I am super excited to set up new targets and take new oath. My only craving throughout the year was to live an organised life.

List of achievements in 2018.

Gym 💪

I became more health conscious this year.Though I was always a yoga enthusiast, but this year I also joined gym to gain some strength and to be more regular.It was an experiment to gain strength and stamina.And in my gym, they have special classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Aerobics and Zumba as well.So all in all I am having a good experience with it and I am really enjoying a lot. A separate post will be there to show my gym schedule since we have different set of excercises for different days.

Read good books

I have read 5-6 books apart from my course books and research works. Another post will be there for description of the books.

Stopped Skipping meals

I had a habit of not taking dinner. I dropped that habit and now I not just take proper dinner,but also take a full glass of milk with protein powder.

List of failures

Not being organized

I am not waking up early in the morning unlike previous years. It’s just become impossible for me wake up before 7:00 am. I was an early riser and for me “well begun is half done” is still a truth. And since I can’t make up early ,I always feel lack of motivation to get going.

Not Studying much

I have a whole list of books still to completed and I am absorbed in day dreaming.

So I have decided to start a 30 day challenge in which I am gonna try waking up at 5:00 am every day and complete half of the things in my to do list. I’ll share my experiences( every 3-4 days ) and will let you guys know where I am finding difficulties and where I am going good. Please feel free to share your experiences about your report card for 2018 and you can join this 30 day challenge with me as well.

Stay blessed 🙏


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  1. Aww well done you! I hate being organised so it would be a hard trial for me! I made a resolution to submit poetry for publication, Had 6 poems published so small success. I think next year I’m going to pledge more exercise. I need to read more poetry too. I seem to wake up early anyway, so I’ll try reading in the morning. Blessing to you and all the people you know.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and responding. I really hope you will be able to publish more of your poetries and exercise. I was a morning person till half of the year. And then my work schedule shifted and hence I stopped waking up early. God bless you and the people you know ❣️

  2. Well done! Oh I’d love to do the 5am wake up time challenge- it would be great to find someone somewhere to do this with – and that’s a challenge all on its own lol but the new year is soon upon us! I just think about what can be accomplished with that extra time and also motivation! 🤗🥰😁 go you!

    • So, perfect 👍 I have already started it and this is really good. Though I am still off by some time since I stop the alarm and take some time to be in a condition to work but this is really good. I try to complete my topics and plan my lectures after waking up.This is working 😍.Thank you so much for stopping by and taking time to reach out to me.Stay blessed

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