The Wedding (1)

Weddings are beautiful, specially when you are invited for your friend’s wedding. As a woman, my only interest in such weddings is in wearing the most awaited lehanga with a light jewellery.We prepare for everything from the sandals to the shade of lipsticks and nailpaints at least 15 days before the D-Day.My recent visit for such a grand night was the wedding of my best friend’s brother.

The night was amazing.A high-profile party in a beautiful five -star hotel.Though we reached only in the last 10 minutes, but it will be counted as one of the most memorable moments .A reunion of my college friends.A few well settled and a few married(not that both are two different things).I remember I was in a big dilemma because I had to choose between an all girls Goa trip or the wedding due to clash of the dates.Finaly when I couldn’t go to Goa, I decided I’ll make the most of the wedding night.

Everything was just perfect. But as they say “Nothing comes for free”.So me and Simi decided to go together at around 8:00 pm.She came to my place and we booked a cab for Hotel Taj Vedanta ,Surajkund in Faridabad. I was wearing a peach coloured sleeveless lehenga and Simi was in a splendid light green saree.It is very unsafe to walk with such flourishing clothes and I was not prepared for any wardrobe malfunction. When the cab reached my place, we quickly settled inside only to see that the driver has cancelled the ride because he didn’t want to go out of Delhi.

“Ride cancelled? Bhaiya?” Asked Simi.

“Madam dilli se bahar 100 rupay ka toll lagta hai. Mai nahi ja raha”Said the driver. (There is a toll of 100 bucks if we cross Delhi,hence I am not going)

“Arre bhaiya aise thodi hota hai, mai complain Kar rhi hu Uber vale itne unprofessional kab se ho gaye” Said Simi (“This should not happen, I am complaining,how come Uber got so unprofessional”)

Meanwhile I was observing things and panicking because the place is not at all safe to leave and waiting for another cab at 8:30 pm was impossible.Also no cab driver will agree to go out of Delhi at this time.I thought this has to be dealt in a different way.

“Aise kaise nahi leke jaoge, Jana toh padega apko. Ye morally hi nahi , legally b galat hai.Iske liye aap jail b ja skte hai.” Hum toh yahi baithe hai aaj raat.Ya to aap Hume lekar Chalo, nahi toh yahi baithe raho”I said. (“You will have to take us to the place.This is not just morally wrong, but this is illegal as well to leave us like that.You can be put behind the bars for this.We are sitting inside the car tonight.Either you take us or sit here. We won’t go”)

He then waited for some time only to realize that we won’t go anywhere.

I said “you take us , we will pay the toll for one side and you wouldn’t have to pay anything to Uber”. Uber takes around 10%-20% of the fare from the drivers.

After a long pause, the driver agreed.Within 15 minutes,we reached the hotel.

“Kya bhaiya, itna toh mai daud k aa jati”.( I could’ve run to this place,this is not that far)

To be Continued…..


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