Can you guess the place from the pictures?

Life is a journey in itself.

I recently visited Jaipur with my few friends…I am going to talk about my journey throughout in few of the upcoming posts…For now I have just shown a few pictures.

Can you guess which place is this in Jaipur?


  1. […] the pictures in my previous post was of Jawahar circle….and the gate is called the Patrika Gate…The city of Jaipur is architectured keeping in mind the vastu shastras….The city had seven gates in total .Then Maharaja Sawai Man Singh made the eighth gate ( New Gate)…. Jawahar Circle’s Patrika gate is the ninth gate of the city. There is a lot of significance of the number 9 in Astrology.Also the Jawahar Circle’s Park is the biggest circular park in a traffic signal in Asia. […]

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