I don’t need viewership for the heck of it….

Let me clear this….I don’t want you people to read my stories or take interest in my blog ….if you don’t actually find it interesting….Sorry I m not that kind. You want to read and like the page because you want the same in return? I m sorry….yes I definitely want to read and reach out to as many people as is possible…and If I findΒ  the blog interesting …I will be a reader of your blog for life ….but that’s because I want to read it….it’s not for business purpose….how many times do I need to tell this …..Life is not a race …stop this rat race …..be different …do what you like….money is just a byproduct….you will get it if you work really well ….with perseverance , time and a lot of hard work.

I would like to clarify this on a lighter note by quoting an adage from my college diariesΒ  Β “That alone is knowledge which gives liberation”.//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js

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  1. Hello teacher, how come you are getting irritated, ignore unwanted comments or notes blog is yours and the right people who read it will sure appreciate or comment the same. The best version is just write what can makes you feel good after expressing, get a result around, if not point out a cause. Actually others comments are not in need if the purpose served. So sit back relax and keep writing πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΊπŸŒ·πŸŒΉπŸ€.

  2. Thank you so much Rakesh for understanding….and it’s not that I don’t read the posts of my contemporary writers …I do… sometimes just miss a fewπŸ˜ƒ

  3. Be who you are. Staying true to yourself is one of the most important things in life. If people don’t want that, well plenty of other distractions for them! I find your posts thought provoking and I like having my thoughts provoked!

  4. Well-stated. I read posts in good faith and am actually disappointed that Word Press won’t let me maintain reading at my own pace. I hope you find most, if not all, of your readers to be sincere in their comments.

  5. I believe, blogging is a process through which you share knowledge, and learn from others at the same time as you clear your own mind. I must confess that at times I follow back bloggers who follow me, even when their topics are not of active interest to me, or are related to the topics I blog about. But I read in detail and mark my comments only on those blogs whose topics interest me. I may be wrong, but that is how I handle the ‘social’ side of blogging.

    • Hi Sir…. I know that you are honest in blogging and commenting…. Infact I do the same thing…And I expect that people understand that if I m not able to read or like a particular post…it may be because of lack of time or my prior commitment …Also I don’t even expect that If I have read some ones post…he should always read mine and like them all….The same is expected from others as well…. Whenever I will get time I will read them anyways

      • The way I understand, there are two aspects to it: (1) We have a keen interest in the topic. In that case, we would find the time to read and comment anyway because the topic is something that engages with us. For example, whenever I see posts about cycling, traveling or cultural interpretations, I pause for a while to read… or maybe come back later and scroll down all the way to the past to complete reading what I started last weekend. (2) We are not very interested in the topic, but just acknowledge by marking a “like”. This situation is similar to clicking “like” on a Facebook post, where the person is known to you, or is someone with whom you are connected at work or home. There are a few incredible chefs who folow my blog. I follow them back, and probably like their posts (thankfully these are small entries with photos of mouth-watering dishes). But since I am not open to the idea of experimenting with cooking, I just hit the “like” but never ask questions about the post, since they are not of any particular interest to me. So I think it is quite similar in your case as well.

  6. There you go girl! So truly said…you know when I started blogging I used to get attracted to number of followers, likes, comments. But eventually I realized that content my interest in that context matters a lot!
    This was very frank and a much needed post😊

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