Story of an auto rikshaw driver…

As usual I was going to the college around 10:25 am in the morning today to take a class . I took an auto rikshaw since that’s the best option I have during this time. I don’t have to use my brain to drive and I can enjoy the soothing air which acts as an AC during the summers.

While traveling , this driver of the rikshaw was constantly looking at me. I tried to ignore it.

“What’s the time ma’am?” He asked. ” It’s 10:45 ” I said.

“Lady Shri Ram College? You teach there ? Or Are you a student?” He again asked.

“I teach” I said.

“Which subject?” He asked .

“Economics and Financial Accounting”. I said

By that time I was annoyed, may be I am very reserved when it comes to social life.I don’t allow many people in my I decided that I will not answer him after this.

“Ma’am , my brother studies Hindi honours from PGDAV. I have studied hindi honours too from Shaheed bhagat Singh college”.

“Are you a graduate? Bhagat Singh is a very nice and reputed college,what are you doing here,you could have easily got a desk job?”

“Ma’am , I have worked as a receptionist at St Mary School.Infact six years ago , I was selected as a Sub Inspector in Delhi Police, but something happened and I am here.”

“Oh , that’s very sad”.I didn’t ask anything after that”.

“Ma’am , seven days before my joining ,I went to Rajasthan for my friend’s wedding. There was a man there who had a big fight with another , the conversations turned into ugly spat…we couldn’t even realize when all that happened …. suddenly one took out his pistil and shot the other with it”.

“Today I can say that he didn’t kill the man ….he killed my career, my job , my destiny….everything”.

“I was a part of this whole function and probably because they were all my friends,the Cops took me along with the others to the police station. I was in jail for three years. Without any reason, without any crime, without any fault I suferred. It took me three years to arrange a witness , who finally was summoned. Even today I am on bail , I have not been proved innocent till now. Case is still going on and I have to go when ever they call me.”

“I do not question the law procedure…I do not question the judge ….but I have one question for god”.

“I just want to ask ” why me”?”

“No one can give back these three years to me”

I could see so much of pain in his eyes.He found solace in confiding in me, I assume.There was a trust relationship blooming .

Suddenly I realized that I have reached my destination. I gave him the money, and smiled. I wanted to help him, I could have taken his number , I don’t know….I could not say anything. Damn! Atleast I should have given some legal advice.

While these questions were coming up , I also realized how lucky I am to reach where I am today.And still I take my job for granted, don’t plan my lessons, show such a pathetic careless attitude.

As a teacher , my job is not just to give lectures on a particular area, but also to create an intelligent human race which can fight and tackle such situations .My heart bleeds to see that I am not taking my job seriously.


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  1. Heart lucky we are… are not only gorgeous are angel inside too..thanks for sharing this beautiful story..I should thank god and whole universe for helping me to come you said..maybe I should take life more seriously and with more responsibility..atleast I should help others ..or anything..there should be a reason to give me this opportunity…Thanks neha…

    • Thank you so much for liking it…this is a 100% real story….we talked for around half an hour…he discussed about the life inside the jail, about the pain of being separated from family and so much more….it really feels very bad to see all this …..on the other hand we have people who are not satisfied with their lives for some stupid reason…

      • lucky we are…we have million blessings to count..the moment itself is magical..I realised that..I should be more thankful to universe..And show more compassion towards fellow human beings..I really learn from this post..thanks teacher..😚 as a student .I fell in love with your goodness

      • Haha…how do you get so much of time to talk to so many people…you are an engineer…you must be working …how does that happen ….work and play together?

      • Professors don’t teach continuously …but if they are in research …they need to study a lot …. please don’t call me angel, or doll or beauty , these cheesy remarks are pathetic ….I don’t know why some girls love it.. but I certainly don’t….these words are prejudiced…most of the guys who talk to me are engineers…so I just guessed….lol

      • It’s not that I just read commerce related books….but I seriously can not read fiction….I have tried a lot of the times…I tried pride n prejudice , Emma, Angels and Demons ,and so many others…but I don’t know after I complete half of the book, I dumb it… probably I lose interest in the story line after a point… however I do read no fiction….any book which has some logical content will probably be the best… How about you?

      • Haha…the fact is that probably I will not chose to write a love letter at any point of my life….I do appreciate people for their work, for anything I like in them….Most often I do that through my writings …but love letter lol…no way!!

      • No no….I don’t give a lot of importance to all that….I am a simple human being struggling hard to fit into the requirements of the society, I am sensitive ,very very rude sometimes, lazy but ambitious ,not very strong emotionally, not very strong physically, sometimes insecure …what else, people have given unnecessary attention to me….that’s not by choice though….any ways… what about you .. how did blogging happen to you ….Is that a way to replace tinder or what …lol😂

      • Thank you so much for the compliment…..but I don’t agree with the fact that some one needs to be a doctorate to date me….I have dated people who were not doctorates…but yeah they definitely were THE INTELLECTUALS …..They have all been very nice… Infact I am best friends with them even now ….we share a really healthy relationship

      • I am not insulting you..because you laughed lot of times with me…and what is meant by dating…what do you guys do …when you are in dating dinners and knowing about each other???!

      • When you will be in a relationship…you will automatically know what to do … We only learn this way…. nothing can be taught…’s not even ethical to teach something in which you need to be 100% natural….you should do what you like to…. of course keeping in mind the modesty of the lady….No need to act…you just need to be real and crude…. excessive chivalry is often not appreciated … at least that’s what I feel

      • Ok…so …since you are asking….I will tell you …what I felt…. initially no one likes to talk so much… At least in their first conversation….you also need to limit the extra attention with extra cheese and butter that you give to all the ladies….it looks desperate…. also that’s totally my opinion…every one has a right to differ….you are a mechanical engineer… people except something else from you…not all the cheese and butter…infact….I would also say that if you want to talk to a person…you should ask for their contact number….may be WordPress is not the right medium….ask for their wats app …if they are ready to share… I hope I am not rude… Talking about the good points…of course compliments are really good if they are real….the efforts are always appreciated….you know how to talk … at least you try to make a good conversation ….

      • Okay..give me your whatsapp😂😂😂😂…,but assessed me like HR,like interviewer…and as a mechanical engineer…what do they expect?? Are girls hiring me to design bike or scooty for them?? With caption WHY SHOULD BOYS HAVE ALL TUE FUN..I asked your opinion not how I should talk to other girls..I know I use cheesy lines..I don’t always mean them..mainly they are to make smile or generate fun..proffesor should know value of smoke and fun😝

      • Yes I am thief…I am thief of your smile and looks though..see how cheesy and creative this line is..but as I am mechanical engineer you expect a lot..then I should be like You just have like locked my heart screws with the screwdrivers of your looks…😂😂 funny it is..even though I am mechanical engineer..I am not doing mechanical job..kind of software..

      • Hahaha…I am sorry , I am rude.. ,but I m truthful…. it’s just a way of saying… except a lot means intelligent conversations , deep conversation , or maybe I am insane… you are free to judge… have a nice day

      • Deep conversation …umm…..there is so much to talk about ……I don’t have a class …. but I do have some important work…Nice to talk to you…. Good day

  2. Thoughtful post and sad too. Well, your role as a teacher, you have the greatest power of shaping an individual’s life and you can bring in that change in the young minds. All the best

    • Injustice ….? May be…..but what to do about it? Should the courts not do their work? It takes time to make judgement because of the complexity of the cases …I am not a lawyer but I do have studied a few subjects in law in my Course…. definitely the cases are very complex….we can not at any point of time make judgement in a week’s time… arrange the lawyers, to make the chargesheet( it took 9 months to just make the chargesheet here) , to summon, to find out the people involved, it is not easy…Also it’s not in India we can not blame India for it , what about the American police forces after 9/11? In comparison to that India is still far better , this is something that we can not help , that is why I said that we need intelligent people so that they can save themselves from such accidents, he was not intelligent enough to tackle it, but I say that bail is something you can get in a very short time , we need a lot of knowledge and intelligence for that… Thank you

  3. Its true, teachers have great responsibility. They can mould many lives and can create positive change in society. Try developing interest in your students towards your subject and towards society.

  4. An interesting conversation, and when you have time to reflect you think of other things you could have or should have shared. But that is when you have had time to reflect. It happens very quickly. Now you have learned and you have shared your learning and that is also very positive. Move ahead with the knowledge and the benefit of this interaction and you will have grown and will respond better next time.

  5. Being a teacher is the most notable job in the world, without teachers there will be no engineers, doctors, lawyers, and other profession there is. Teachers are almost the second parent for the students because school is the second home. I have high admiration with teachers (my mom is, my aunts are, I myself is/I have the license although not in practice currently as I have to help my husband in our family business. Nonetheless, teachers (like yourself) may not get much salary as a pilot or a judge but the satisfaction and gratification when you see your students successful (after so many years) will make you think (he/she once under my wings). Salute!

      • Welcome. Sadly, in the Philippines, teachers are doing more than what they are getting paid for (grievances from my teacher friends). I guess that is sad reality. Still, their perseverance to do their job is priceless. Hopefully in India is different.

      • Well that depends upon the other factors….give the Institutions, whether they are government or private, since government lecturers get paid very well from the very beginning of their careers, it also depends on whether you are a visiting professor or permanent…In India some professors really get the best incomes ….but that’s not the case with every city , college or university. Thank fully I m lucky in that sense ….. Even my students are really nice 😃😃😃

      • That is true.. It depends on where you work at.. but anyhow, salary is just secondary.. the real reward is when you see the fruits of your labour.. seeing your students successful..

  6. I feel sad for that guy! He worked hard to graduate all these years and he got jailed in return 😢 Well , I have heard several such cases in India where innocent are jailed and the guilty roams free.

  7. Quite a story, very well written and obviously a compelling read, enjoyed it ver much.

    Two quite important things, one is that I also need legal advice so if the character of the story is willing to help humanity here I am. The second one…… the character is nuts! To go out with a man who has killed? Not cool I say sitting in a stool.

    Really nive story I say again, so thanks for a good read.

      • By the way, you don´t need to follow me because of the comment, my blog it is called Crazy Life and my pen name it is Charly Priest….go figure. I appreciate you following me, but as I tell everybody once in a while, for me WordPress is my ¨free¨ university online.
        It was a great read, I do take my little notebook and write certain things that can I use in my own writing e.t.c.

        Anyways, now I have a lawyer on my side…

      • Got it.And I am not a lawyer.I have studied law in my college. However I don’t have that degree which can qualify me to be called as a lawyer.I am a lecturer and that is the only thing I can boast about for now☺️☺️☺️

      • Yeah I read some of your posts…. Specially that with” Wine” title….It was funny and very realistic ☺️☺️☺️Bye the way you are very handsome ☺️

      • I am the Spaaaaanish Brad Pitt, about the wine to tell you the truth I probably was already drunk as a skunk when I wrote that, drunk with my cool white wine.

        Stay Frosty gentess.

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