Should prostitution be legalized?

Recently I was invited as a judge for a group discussion competition…..This was the topic …so I thought why not to do this discussion here with you all…

I invite the different mindsets to talk about what they feel , whether or not they would support legalization of prostitution and so on ….please feel free to comment.


  1. I am a woman.. I seriously don’t know. But as a woman it’s her basic right over her body,which she is entitled to, she decides.
    As far as legalisation.. Why not, it may reduce rapes and abuses, but also there are great chances of forced prostitution which is still there, but also then maybe easy source of income. Many many layers to it.

    • I am too not a supporter of legalization of prostitution….those who say that it can reduce rapes ….may be right…..I still doubt it can not be the best option to reduce the rapes….or may be it is not even going to reduce rapes… concern is about the objectification of women….treating them sex objects ….like we do have got brains…we can do everything in this world that a man can…but yeah it can probably give more rights to the sex workers of it gets legal …may be

  2. Childrens are also getting matured early (mentally).

    This may be the reason for the increasing number of crime so I also doubt the minimum age of marriage. It should be rechecked.😊

    May be the lecture is too long😊😉😉

  3. Really tricky issue, a good topic for a discussion! I think how you police it if you do legalise is a huge problem. Bad enough in well-behaved societies with a tendency to respect the law like the Netherlands and Germany but even there, they do have major exploitation problems. How do you control the gangsters and exploiters in countries where bribery, corruption and violence are the norm? Would need much thinking about and to educate citizens to more self-control and respect before it could be attempted?

  4. I found that comment that women are way above men as slightly offensive. How would she feel if a man left that comment?
    Legalizing prostitution is not something I endorse but I know others could give a strong debate for it. I think it is a fact of society so I would like to see it safe for women without influence of gangs etc. I would also like to see programs that help women move away from that profession.

    • I am sorry that you found that comment offensive….we all should know that women empowerment is about giving equal status to both the genders…no one is better than the other….both are equally important for the proper functioning of the world

  5. Good topic for debate. 🙂 I think that ‘the oldest profession’, as it is sometimes called, should be legalised. I say that not because I think prostitution is a necessary part of our existence, but if it is to be part of our communities, it needs to be controlled properly and with respect. Pimps should not be the ones to decide how a woman is to sell her services and regular medical examination should be compulsory, not only to protect the community but also the women workers. I think it is a woman’s right to chose this profession if she so desires, and like all professions, there needs to be legitimisation of the work and the worker. In my humble opinion 🙂

  6. Hey Hi Neha.
    If you ask me, I’d rather say prostitution should be banned and I don’t consider legalising it even an option. Leaving aside the my faith, I’m saying this as a woman. Because every woman on the face of Earth demands respect. Her body is sacred and it should be loved not just considered as a sex object. Prostitution is definitely not gonna give a woman the respect she deserves. So many men, hungry for sex, not knowing who she is as a person, just getting satisfied and leaving her on her own, not even trying to know her, all this is not acceptable at all. There might be exceptions though.
    Yes I agree there is a problem of unemployment and that women sometimes are left with no option, but that doesn’t mean a women should sell her body for that. No. It’s not meant for that. It demands to be loved and this way I don’t think that’s possible ever. If I were in power, I’d close all of such institutions and provide them with employment somewhere else.
    Women aren’t this weak. Their body is not for making money at all. There’s more to them than that.
    Happy blogging 🙂

  7. There are two views that make it favourable to legalise: (1) the woman chooses to legally enter that work (I prefer the term sex worker); and (2) which is related, there are therefore built in health, financial, and personal protections. illegal sex work tends to be the opposite – risky, dangerous and unhealthy.

  8. Legalization of Prostitution seriously is no solution for increasing physical crime against women. Unless the psyche of males change, no such legalization vl hv any impact. Also why at all do we need to tag anyone a ‘pros’? A woman is the most pious creation of God why then can’t v let it remain the same? Let the woman b free to decide wat she wants her body to undergo. She does have all right to b a wife, a mother, a daughter…y a pros?

  9. A hard topic. Somethings we cannot control. Prostitution be legalized? In some counties like Germany. Less rape and can control the trade. New world had change. People have loss respect for women. Women need to be seen as life and special. Mothers, Grandmothers and daughters. Legalized prostitution, will help the women or not? Men can be foolish. We could have a week discussion on the topic. There is pro and con to this topic. Legalizing prostitution is a two edge sword. Will men respect women. More or less? Less.

  10. Came across your blog. Loved your concept of indulging your audience in though provoking write ups. Keep going pls. For now I am not getting into this debate purely on a thought that sex should not be used as a trade or as an abuse. It was probably created in the first place to reproduce or to find love or pleasure.
    I am relatively new to blogging. Love it when I come across blogs and posts like that of yours.
    Just 3 posts old here. I am working on a series of 5 and the 4th post is on the way here.Would be glad if you could drop by my blog.

  11. Good day dear madam,

    When it comes to law and order ,we have rights to discusses everything which matter to the economy general.

    Prostitution legalisation encourage more ladies to work in this field , example is Thailand. Developing or developed countries should find solution for these prostitution rather encouraging them, having them to pay tax making their life more difficult for them.

    Government suppose to be giving money to them as these females are hopeless forced, half handicap and paralysis due no recognised and respect of their work , for them to change field is impossible in others fields, it is very tough for them changes occupations is ruled out, as society will not accept them.

    Why are they working in such field , home circumstances, family members rapes then force for sex with others , what exactly is the core problem of these females .

    What motivate a female to go earn such money. when there are aware both males and females are at high risk of Sexual diseases which is spreading vastly rapidly in our global market.

    Sitting in position on earth say i want to put a ding in the universe, is it possible or not , depend on individual strength and adeptly to change bad into good.

    May i question the judges and lawyers?

    When country focus is to contribute and develop new talents and skill people , such legalisation it is a productive environment for any discipline family girls to stay and work?

    My view :- unfortunately no parent will risk to have such environment for their children, where females are not safe and working as sex workers.

    There is one greatest law principles:-
    understanding the law.

    Law is a system of rules grounded on fundamental principles of MORALITY.

    It is a country motivation is to increase the revenue legislation of prostitution.
    Sorry say country will be ahead to into destruction mode, where talent will grounded.

    There is a lot more to say on it but i just keep my words until this very last statement .

    Soft law is recognised as an important source of rights and duties , policy statements may not be sufficiently clear or hard edged. Country must eradicate poverty from roots, less females goes for working into such industry .

    It is not pride to be for prostitution.

    This is my view .

    Thanking you
    Best Regards

    • Absolutely wonderful…..loved your thoughts…..I hope people like you are there to help the women by creating so much of awareness….. Though we have a Constitution which have articles like article 15, 16,19, 21 …..there is still some of the matters where these articles should not apply….Thank you for sharing such knowledge .😃😃😃

      • Dear nehavermaa,

        Good evening,

        Constitution article 15, 16, 19, 21 and other are taken it is account seriously when we know these new initiatives are bring benefits to public not government only.

        The protection of individual rights and liberties.

        An important function of law in liberal democratic societies . The protectionism of fundamental rights and liberties such as the right to a fair trail, freedom speech , abuses against woman, force to ground their cases due to high authority involved it is an international crimes.

        There is a lot one woman can talk about it , all depend on individual strength.

        Substantially changing the law to favour the country’s revenue, ruin the economy and image of the country, it is not brilliance .

        Tomorrow these females out of job, government don’t have social welfare from them.
        government depend on their earning how it is possible today, under circumstances government is
        pulling their neck of these females.

        If want to do something push to change their career into professional jobs in other field, it is possible or not, you and me well aware about it.

        Highly impossible .

        Thanking you
        Best regards

  12. Good morning dear Neha and thanks for putting forth this necessary issue up front in the bloggers’ discussion. I was born in Uruguay in South America where prostitution has been legal for decades and thereby regulated by the state. The sex workers must be registered, must pass a health exam ( and keep the certification current) and they are protected by the labor laws. This progressive protection from the authorities has spared them from physical abuse, venereal diseases, unwanted pregnancies and the exploitation of abusive men and/or women. Considering that you cannot eradicate the oldest profession in the world, we should at least regulate its practice in a safe, efficient way. Un baccione. Arrivederci!

    • Hello Sir….This is the first time I am actually able to get an absolutely perfect point in favor of the topic…. Implementation is the most important part of any legislation….If it is strictly regulated…. Amazing…Thank you so much 😃

  13. Thanks for the compliment dear Neha. We should not be “beating around the bushes” when the health and safety of thousands of women (and their children) are at stake all over the planet. And please call me Mario as that “sir” comes across as too rancid Raj to my ears. Un baccione. Arrivederci!

  14. Yeah…may be it reduce rapes and all..but when you dig into the history..and question.why women want to be sex workers????? Is it no because of our irresponsibility of female child to peace like that..and they do just for their stomach..why can’t we provide decent work for them?? Who wants to be sex workers..some rich escorts want easy money..may be they do it..I can’t question them..but let’s talk about women who are kidnapped and trapped in sex trafficking

  15. It is happening in our society even when it is not legalized, so then I think it is better we legalize it and form and set of laws for them which will give the choice and power to the sex workers itself rather than some goon controlling the brothel. There will be a law which will ensure safety and provide good medical care for them.

  16. I came across this post and felt like expressing my view. Since I am a female and bit conservative about myself I am more inclined on the side that prostitution should not be legalized. There can be a positive impact but in this case I would more research on the negetive. As far as I know that even if it is legalized there will be no reduction in rape cases. And before legalizing such job there should be more stricter and harsh laws made on rape and if thats not done then I would be ashamed to look down on the apex court. So basically there is more to what I say and the conclusion is no it should not be legalized

  17. First and foremost, ‘Neha’ is probably one of the nicest names in India. Coming to the discussion, if prostitution needs to be legalised. In India…well it’d tricky bit then at least there is an outlet for frustrated Indian men to do what they want to do to willing women. On the flip side it gives an option to a ‘young mind’ to say why not try it out when the option is available. That isn’t good. So well…I really don’t know.

  18. No, otherwise it is also the same question as, should drugs be legalized? Prostitution, if legalized could compromise having sex illegally (outside marriage) or not your partner. We all know that through this an epidemic of diseases like std and aids can spread.

  19. I think it should be legalise because many sex worker didn’t get security because it has become illegal in court I have read a incident in which police came to house of sex worker than many workers are killed by there supervisor and manu had taken suicide why if government and police are not able to give money to feed and live then why they interfere in there matter in many red line area of india sex worker are died because of infection of aids and hiv and gangster ,poverty

  20. Just few months ago, I was talking to a teacher regarding the anger that I have over prostitution. That is when she raised an alarm saying, maybe when those prostitutes exist, rapes may drop. I thought it was ideal. However, looking at out lost society I do not think it will bring much change though. I honestly would say no it should not be legalised!

  21. Prostitution should not be legalized, because legalization would create economic and social pressures that force thousands of women and girls into the sex trade against their will, violating their human rights. If prostitution is normalized, many poor parents would remove their daughters from school and send them to work in brothels. This would undermine efforts to increase girls’ rates of high school enrollment and completion–a widely recognized imperative for social progress and development.
    The human right to a workplace that is free from violence and sexual harassment is universal. All women–not only rich and middle-class women–have this right. Prostitution is inherently violent and is nothing other than commodified sexual harassment.
    Instead of legalizing prostitution, we should strengthen social services and redistribute wealth, so that people are not compelled to prostitute themselves to survive.

  22. Capitalism is immoral, but as long as capitalism is legal, so should prostitution be legal. If the choice is between food or shelter and prostitution, who would deprive someone of this option?

  23. बारिस कि बुंदों में
    उसकी आँखों में आँसू देखा है
    बच्चों के पेट भरने के लिए
    खुद को बजार में बेचते देखा है
    उसके शरीर पे चंद खरोचे हि थी
    असली जख्म तो दरिंदों ने आत्मा में दि थी

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