So…who is more successful?

Let me tell you a story. There was a family with two daughters…..Twinkle and Ruhani…Ruhani was the elder sister and twinkle was the younger. The family was a not so wealthy. The only thing they had was “respect” in the society.

The two daughters were taught values, cultures, mannerisms and what not.Both the daughters were brilliant in studies. They had sharp minds and thinking brains. As the time passed , both of them became better versions of themselves. Ruhani being an elder daughter, tried to do every thing to support her family. She used to take tutions even after coming from her college, help her mother in house chores and teach her sister every day. She left no stone unturned to support her family. Whereas Twinkle ,the younger daughter , was never a social person. She was individualistic , ambitious , and not so caring. She would only think about accomplishing her goals in life. She would not sacrifice anything for her goals. In a way she was too struggling for making her family’s life better, we can say that. Her approach was a bit different though. Naturally the more she got involved in achieving her dreams ,the distance arose between her and the family. Meanwhile Ruhani was not able to perform very well in her college.She wasn’t the same brilliant student now. She would wait for hours to get a public transport to save some of her father’s hard earned money .When she would come to home , she would teach small kids , and some of the days she would also help her mother in the kitchen. She used to take care of her old father and mother. Twinkle on the other hand will choose any transport medium ( even if it was costly) and save the time in waiting. The time saved was used in preparing an extra lesson. She would not even talk to anyone in the house since she was very tired to do so. Of course she had to wake up early in the morning to study . Soon Ruhani got married because she couldn’t find a job that his father liked. Ruhani was still happy with the decision and she got married. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter . She sacrificed her career even after being a mother to take care of her princess. All she did was to cook food for her husband and daughter , clean the home , iron the clothes , take care of the times when alarm would fail , make budgets in the house , plan expenditures, shop for her family, give moral education to her daughter, help her daughter in studies etc …..Twinkle on the other hand became a successful business woman.Her father wanted her to do a different job , so she fought with him for her rights and finally got accepted since ….fathers have no choice. Twinkle earned a huge salary .She used to come late from her office, would sleep right after that….no friends no foes… nothing …At the end of the month she would hand over her salary to her mother to take care of the expenses in the house. That was the only time when she used to talk to her family. Now you tell me …who became more successful??


  1. It all depends on your defination of success. I can say both of them and n non of them is successful. But i dont think both of them are happy. My thoughts tho….. Lovely write up

  2. I think that both women, in the end of the day, are successful in their own way. Both of them wanted two different things from life (that’s what I think😋) and they got those things. I feel Twinkle wouldn’t be satisfied with living without fulfilling her ambitions . . .

  3. First of all..success is defined in their own terms..for are bright student..and you topped in your class and got the best college,but there is another girl like you who is also a topper..but after finishing her studies she want to go abroad and become rich..that’s her goal..and she achieved it..and’s her success..on the other want to become lecturer..because you like teaching.And you also want to help poor students to achieve their girls through education..that’s your you also got suceeded and still striving for’s journey…there may be other boy who is topper,but he just want to do research and help the country in one way,and other topper wants to become rich and donate to needy..So first of all success is what makes them.happy when they achieve something..even it’s small comparisons.and in this story, twinkle succeeded in one way,and her sister succeeded in other can’t always compare success with money and’s the satisfaction you get when you achieve..if you just want to help your village with your MBA degree..that’s your success..if you want money with that degree..that’s your way of succeeding too

  4. Thank you so much for your opinions….I am glad that you pointed out the fact that happiness is about satisfaction….It is about achieving goals in life….thank you

  5. I think Ruhani was the successful one as her life seems more fulfilling in my perspective. A lonely life though with money is not real success.
    What inspired your story?

  6. Either of the two could be successful depending on what goals they set for themselves and if they achieve it. As everyone said above happiness and satisfaction or may I say contentment are other factors. Success is life can only be measured by the person who sets it. Great post for discussion.

    • Thank you so much for reading this post….. I appreciate your efforts….And yes…. happiness and contentment are the factors….apart from personal goals

      • But in our society, Twinkle can be said as more successful professionally. Also she can give back to her parents, which we all know is a key indicator of having her self stable (in financial matter). So maybe in social/professional standards Twinkle is more successful.

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