How to study like a topper

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Well, I can surely say that for this post , I am an expert. Without going here and there, I will be very straightforward. Here are a few tricks you should use while studying for performing the best in the school:

1. Always write short notes while studying : Making notes not just helps in memorising the topics very easily , but it also improves the writing skills for the exams.

Tip: Make very short notes for every topic you read in your own language .

2. Always attend the class lectures: Attendance in the class should not be just physical but also mental . Just by being attentive in the class makes half job done.

Tip: Compete with your friends in asking questions from the teachers in the class.

3.Well begun is half done:Start reading from the first day of the semester. It is easy to go through all the topics that were taught in the class in home if you do that regularly. Don’t miss even for one day.

Tip: If some day you do not get time to revise everything …just take a look over the class notes for five minutes. That’s enough.

4. Teach others: If there’s a lesson that you are struggling with , try doing it with a friend. one person can act like a teacher and the other one like a student. Learning by teaching has always proved to be beneficial.

Tip: Make a friend who is serious like you about studying.Do a bit of a topic every day with him/her.

If you have any questions regarding the post , you can put it in the comment box below….you can also share how you study for the exams to score well.


  1. Nice. If you want to be a topper you must love the subject you are studying. The foundation must be perfect then there is no looking back. Understanding the concept and analysing the problems will derive the answer automatically. If one is studying forcefully then results get adverse till they involve no positive happening for sure. Congratulations tipping kids. As they advance they must really involve that makes them outstanding. Cheers .

  2. This is great advice I just i received when I was studding. I would add as a teacher always ask questions and challenge what has been said. It is a great way to learn and keep the teacher on his or her toes, makes it more interesting for them.

    • The class lectures are important because the teachers prepare the test papers ….they actually know what is important and what is not. But other wise I agree I agree with you too😀

  3. Not at all good at making short notes, n I have my exam on 25th Feb, soo please guide me…, rest 3 are not useful for me now

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