How to become super successful in short time

I will be short and to the point. There are a few common characteristics of successful people. Success is not something serendipitous. It is earned and worked upon. So what are those three things which I feel makes people successful?


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Firstly it is the perseverance or the ability to hold your self even after so many defeats. You should constantly work upon our goals even if it takes a lot to win.

Secondly it is consistency , or being regular.No war is won in a day.It takes years to make a name

And finally ,it is time management.One can not work without learning time management.It is about keeping aside some time every day for the most important task i.e. to work towards your goals.It is about doing everything within those 24 hours.And by everything ,I mean to say the important as well as non important things. I firmly believe that one should work hard and party harder.


  1. And why … do I have to become super succesful in short time … 🤔😉
    I am here now … I think this is enough to do … and work enough to do so 😊
    Love ❤

    • I respect ….but sometimes we just have the talent …and we become complacent …I feel every one should work hard enough to use ones talent in the best possible way…. we should be satisfied but not complacent

      • I absolutely agree … to me, a waste of time is the only thing I call a sin
        It only is … to become starts with to be and it is to come and not to go
        It is about the Tao … doing without doing … has nothing to do with being lazy … not wanting to go nowhere … but … to follow live coats much less energy than to running away from what there simply IS
        Sorry, I am like this 😆❤

      • Well , let me explain my view point…being successful is not just about earning lots of money it’s about accomplishing goals in your life …for example my maid very a successful woman since she does her job with conviction and a lot of precision….for me even living a very healthy life is being successful….my sister has a goal to rear her child….when we accomplish these goals …that’s when we are successful

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