Have dirty secrets?

Hello all


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I am Neha Verma.

Everyone of us have a few deep secrets.

I am sure you also have at least one such secret which makes you feel guilty , depressed, hopeless and insane. My goal of writing here is to promote all of you to share your secrets with me and feel happy about it since for me honesty is the best policy.I am sure we all can help each other make this world beautiful and homely. I would love to here from you all.


  1. Secrets and deception are such a destructive force, Putting mine out into the world was such a relief. You can read about them, and my journey inn my serialised blog if you would like: ‘A Fruit Cake Just exploded’

  2. I believe secrets are there for a reason, to be a secret.
    But then again, sharing secrets ya personal choice, and needs a sense of personal trust, don’t you think ?

    Anyhow having said that, I do tell my secrets abstractly in my blog. But what’s your secret ?

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