Supreme court on red beacon

When i was a kid i used to dream about becoming one of those high dignitaries who gets a red beacon on his car .we call it a “lal batti gaddi”.Born in a lower middle class family my mentality is that status is above everything .A person earning crores of rupees is not bigger than an IAS officer according to me.I may be completely wrong.But in my hometown , this is the mentality .In my home ,this is the mentality and probably in this country ,this is the mentality.Class , status , brand attracts me .But, there is always another side of the story .In this case it is the cost.The cost of having a red beacon on the car.Even criminals were getting away using red light because the police were too scared to stop a car with a beacon.Misuse would also include switching on red beacon when the high dignitaries are not on official duty.Red beacons and sirens are flaunted by VIPs as a symbol of power and often lead to huge traffic disruptions for commuters. “The red lights symbolize power and a stork differentiation between those who are allowed to use it and the ones who are not.A large number of those using vehicles with red light have no respect for the laws of the country and they treat the ordinary citizens with contempt.” Said judge singhvi. So before thinking of a beacon cost of it to the entire country should be also analysed.


  1. Why do we need the concept of beaconed cars? I think we need to curb this culture. This mindset should change. Elected representatives are chosen to represent the public who has elected them. Members of the bureaucracy are appointed to serve the public who pay taxes to run the public exchequer. So neither of them are above the people they represent or serve.

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